First off, please don't worry about broken links or downtime! BudURL has performed a number of migrations involving hundreds of thousands of links at a time with seamless results. The most difficult step of the process will be obtaining an export of your link data from the platform you plan to leave. Some of them make it easier than others, and all of them have a different process. 

For Bitly, we have a couple of specific steps we can follow to obtain the export (outlined below). For other platforms, the process may vary but we will assist in any way we can to help you obtain your data for migration. Once you have the data in hand, the BudURL team can work their magic!

The Bitly migration process:

  1. BudURL has an API that queries Bitly and extracts up to the latest 9,999 active links (what is available through their API) and exports them into a useable format. For larger accounts, we use the Bitly Export function to generate a CSV file that Bitly will email
  2. Our import script automatically loads import files directly into BudURL, batching tens of thousands of links at a time.
  3. BudURL can preserve existing user tags. For example, we can ensure that links belonging to John Smith in Bitly will belong to John Smith in BudURL.
  4. BudURL offers private namespaces. For example, /ClientSupport in Bitly is easily mapped to /ClientSupport in BudURL - no conflicts across domains.
  5. Because all Bitly links are added to BudURL, 100% of all client links are immediately available post-migration in BudURL.  You never lose control of your short domain.
  6. The client controls the DNS transition so the official change-over from Bitly to BudURL may be timed to align with the customer's schedule - zero downtime.
  7. BudURL can monitor the client domain for any broken links following the transition so if there is a link that was omitted for any reason, we'll know about it promptly and it may be added immediately.
  8. The BudURL API mirrors all Bitly's core functionality so if there are any integrations, we can work with the client developers in advance to have the new API code updated to coincide with the transition.

Have additional questions about migrating from Bitly or another platform? Send us a note to and we'll get back to you promptly.