Creating a link is easy! Start by using the Add New menu to select Link. You’ll arrive at a simple form that looks like the screenshot below.

create a link.png

  1. Paste your long URL here. 
  2. Choose a custom hashtag for your shortlink, or leave it blank and one will be randomly assigned once you save. You’ll be notified if your hashtag of choice is already in use. 
  3. Add a short description that will help with keyword searching for this link in the future, if you want - this field is not required. 
  4. Choose which type of redirect you’d like to assign to your link. See the Which Redirect Type Do I Need? section of the FAQ for more details.  
  5. Choose a label for your link. If you need to create a new label, go to Manage Labels and create it. You can create this link prior to doing this, then edit it to add your new label. Visit the Labels section of the FAQ for more information on this feature.  
  6. Check this box to receive an email notification when someone clicks your link. This is not recommended for links that will be posted publicly, but can be useful for links meant for a small group. 
  7. Save! If you’re not sure about any of the options, go ahead and Save anyway. It’s easy to come back and edit your link later on.

Remember that you can edit your short links at any time. If you publish a short link anywhere, and realize later you want to change it, simply go back and edit the short link and reroute the long URL to whatever you choose. You will not have to change your publicly posted short link, ever!