Now that you have shiny new account, you're ready to start creating links! Here's a quick walk-through to help you get started (scroll down to view a screenshot for reference):

  1. Find the "Add New" menu in the top right corner, and choose the first menu option to add a new link
  2. You'll reach a simple form where you'll add your destination link (that's the long URL). You can customize the short URL below, or leave it blank for a randomly generated link. 
  3. The description is optional - we suggest adding a few keywords so you can easily search for the link later on. This area is also helpful as a reference for other team members. 
  4. Choose a redirect type if you wish, or leave it on the default choice. 301 redirects are often chosen for SEO benefit, while 307 redirects are useful for URLs in which the content may change. Click here to read more about redirects. 
  5. Labels are handy for filtering your links - you can add them on an individual basis or make them available to the whole company using the "Global" function. Read more about the benefits of labels here: 
  6. The "Delete Link Date" field at the bottom is completely optional - if you are creating links that are "one-time use," say for a giveaway or sweepstakes, this function may come in handy. Note that once a link is deleted, the stats go with it, so you'll need to download your stats before the delete date in order to reference them. 
  7. Save, and you're done! Copy the short URL you've created and get your campaigns rolling.