BudURL stats are raw and we report every click that you receive- minus self-identifying bots. We do not limit based on unique clicks (though we do break down between unique and total clicks for each individual link), application clicks, etc. The raw details are reported at the bottom of the individual link page so you can see the hostnames of each click. Twitter, Facebook, etc. do not share their algorithm for click counting, so unfortunately we aren't sure exactly how they report their clicks.

We choose to show the raw, unfiltered number to provide insights into actual click traffic and let you determine, based on the numerous statistical insights provided, how you wish to measure your own engagement. Rest assured our numbers are never tweaked and the total clicks you see in BudURL are valid. 

 You may use our IP-blocking functionality (access from your Settings page) if you wish to omit your own IP addresses, etc., but otherwise, what you see is what you received.