BudURL Version 2.0 Updates

As we mentioned in our email notification, there are BIG changes just around the corner for BudURL.  We've been working on this new version for quite some time and we think you're going to love it.  Below are the important things to know about the transition.  If you have questions, please open a support ticket and fire away.  We'll get back to you as fast as we can with an update and will be here before, during, and after the transition to help.

When Does It Happen?

  1. We are planning the transition for Sunday, November 30th, at 9:00 PM Central time.
  2. The transition itself should take less than an hour (we've been practicing).
  3. Watch this page for on-going updates.

Impacts To You

  1. Custom domains stay the same, however our new default URL will be budurl.me (instead of ez.com).  Your old links will still work as before, however ez.com will not be used for any future links.  If you have your own domain there will be no impact to you on this item.
  2. Your links are migrating, but your old stats are being archived.  Any clicks collected before the migration will remain on the old platform.  Anything after the migration will happen on the new platform.  You will be able to log into the old site and view your old stats so nothing will be totally lost.
  3. Once Again - Your Links are migrating, but your Clicks are not.  When you log in to the new system on Dec 1st, your dashboard will be fresh.  The old site will have your historic stats.
  4. Pricing - we are changing our pricing plans (final details TBD), however existing customers may keep their same plans and pricing.  You do not need to choose a new plan after the transition.  The only way the new pricing will impact you is if an upgrade is required to your account in the future (or you can upgrade before the transition and take advantage of the old prices).
  5. DNS will need to be changed AFTER the transition.  A separate email and online notices will be provided with new IP information.  Your old DNS will work just fine after the transition and you'll have ample time to make the update.  We'll simply route your traffic from the old servers to the new and you can make the switch when convenient with zero interruption to your service.

A Few New Features

There are a LOT of new features, but here are a few of the biggest ones you'll notice right away.

  1. Smoother, cleaner interface that has greater reporting options, filters, and expanded data views up to one year in the past (increased from 30 days per link and 90 days on the dashboard).
  2. Several new Page Template options to give you more options when creating landing pages.
  3. Dynamic Routes to let you intelligently route your traffic based on device, location, date, language, and mobile!
We could go on and on, but we'll stop here.  Everything you loved before is moving forward along with a bevy of new goodness.  We can't wait to share it!

A New Support Center

This message is being served up by our brand new "BudURL Center of Excellence."  Since we're raising the bar on our platform, our previous support center felt a bit weak.  We are still getting familiar with it so please pardon us a bit, however you'll see content areas expanding weekly as we grow our online knowledge-base.

We know you will likely have a few questions and we're here to help.  

With Gratitude,

Team BudURL

Hello, all.  We wanted to let you know that our final testing and preparations have been completed and our official conversion process will begin in a few minutes.  Again, all prior links will operate as normal during the conversion.  All accounts will be put into a read-only mode until the conversion is done and the service is running on the new version and hardware.  All custom links, domains, and API calls will operate as expected after the conversion.

More Soon!


The conversion process has been completed and everything appears to be running smoothly.  Traffic is flowing well and we're ready to go!  If you see any issues with your migrated information, please let us know.

Thanks again for your support and enjoy the new upgrades!

Many Thanks,


P.S.  We will be updating our support site each week with new content to explain all the new features!

We have a QR code on some business cards that we are still using, but that doesn't appear to work any longer. Was that not converted? ez.com/q/mmn2


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